Delta Emergency Preparedness Activities

The risk of flooding in the Delta is a complicated issue, as over 1,000 miles of levees might imply – but there is more to it. In other regions, levees are dry all year and only hold back floodwaters – Delta levees hold back water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, not just when the rivers run high. Also, the legal Delta encompasses parts of five different counties, all of which have their own emergency response offices, first responders and procedures. Very often a Delta resident’s closest first responders geographically are technically in another county. All of these things make Delta Emergency Preparedness efforts unique within California.

As directed by SB 27 (2008), the Delta Protection Commission continues to work to facilitate an inter-agency unified command system and response strategy for the Delta region, as well as on implementation of an all-hazard emergency response exercise in the Delta.

Delta Flood Preparedness Week

In concert with California Flood Preparedness Week, the Commission declares a week in October to be the annual Delta Flood Preparedness Week: usually the third week of the month. In 2017, Delta Flood Preparedness Week is scheduled for Monday, October 16 through Saturday, October 21.

On the Saturday of Flood Preparedness Week, the Commission hosts a Delta Flood Safety Fair for Delta residents and businesses, and mails the annual flood preparedness calendar to every address in the Legacy Communities. The calendar, filled will striking Delta photography and up-to-date emergency numbers for Delta counties, also offers educational information targeted especially to Delta flood response.

Read about the 2017 Delta Flood Safety Fair, learn how to make your own Emergency Plan and more here.

Flood Preparedness Calendar

The Delta Protection Commission is dedicated to increasing public awareness of flooding threats, and encourages all Delta residents to take action to know their flood threat and prepare appropriately.

This fall, many Delta residents living in the Primary Zone received a Flood Preparedness Calendar in the mail. This beautiful, information-packed resource makes it easier to keep important information handy all year long. On the back are emergency phone numbers and a number of websites with flood education and safety information for you and your family. Inside, the colorful notes each month list a task you can complete to create a good Survival Kit and improve your flood readiness, one step at a time!

To get yours, email us or call 916-375-4800 with your name, address, phone number and quantity requested.

Be Prepared

Learn how to create¬†an emergency preparedness kit! Visit the “Be Prepared” page for resources to help you be aware of your flooding risk, prepare for a flood emergency, monitor weather conditions, and more!