Date:  May 19, 2016

Location: Peter’s Steakhouse, 203 Second Street, Isleton, CA 95641


1. Call to Order & Flag Salute

2. Welcome & Roll Call

3. Public Comment – an opportunity for members of the public to address the Commission regarding items not on the Agenda


4. Approve meeting minutes of March 17, 2016


5.    Receive Executive Director report – Erik Vink      Audio

6.    Receive Delta Protection Advisory Committee (DPAC) report and consider revisions
to DPAC Charter – Mark Pruner, DPAC Chair    Audio

7.    Receive presentation from Delta Leadership Program – Delta Leadership Program
participants        Audio

8.    Receive report on invasive aquatic weed control efforts – Lynn Sadler, Deputy
Director – CA Department of Parks & Recreation (Division of Boating & Waterways)    Audio

9.    Receive presentation on Delta Conservancy Proposition 1 grant awards – Laura
Jensen, Delta Conservancy     Audio

10. Consider adoption of position on AB 1713 (Eggman: public vote on Delta tunnels)
and potential direction to staff – Erik Vink   Audio

11. Consider approval of scope and contract amount amendments to (1) Delta Flood
Risk Management Assessment District Feasibility Study Interagency Agreement
(DWR) and (2) Delta Flood Risk Management Assessment District Feasibility Study
Contract (M.Cubed) – Jennifer Ruffolo     Audio

12.  Receive report and consider approval of Commission land use comment process
pursuant to Commission authority under PRC §§ 29770(d), 29703.5(a), and 29773(a)
and consistent with Commission jurisdiction under PRC § 29770 and PRC §§ 5852-
5855 – Jennifer Ruffolo and Erik Vink       Audio

13. Commissioner comments/announcements

14. Adjourn