Date:  May 26, 2011

Location:   Courtland Auditorium    146 Primasing Avenue, Courtland, CA 95615 


1. Call to Order/Flag Salute.

2. Welcome Commission Members.

3. Roll Call.

4. Public Comment. Opportunity for Members of the Public to Address the Commission on Items Not on the Agenda.


5. APPROVE Minutes of Meeting of March 24, 2011.

6. RECEIVE Informational Update on the 2012-2017 Strategic Plan of the Commission.

7. APPROVE Inclusion of $100K Limit on Delegation of Authority to Executive Director.

8. RECEIVE Informational Update On the Delta Protection Advisory Committee.

9. RECEIVE Informational Update On Abandoned Vessels Discussion Group.


10. RECEIVE Presentation From San Joaquin County, Office of Emergency Response Regarding Local Flood Emergency-Planning and Preparedness & Response Grant.

A. APPROVE Authorization to Work With FEMA Contractor to Prepare Grant Application to Develop a Regional Flood, Emergency Planning and Response Plan In Conjunction With Reclamation Districts, Counties, and Cities Funding From Proposition 84 Allocated By Senate Bill 2X-1 As Part of the FloodSafe Initiative.

B. APPROVE Serving as Lead Applicant for Grants with Reclamation Districts, Counties, and Cities.

11. RECEIVE Presentation from California State Water Resources Control Representative Relative to In-Delta Flows (Handout).

12. RECEIVE Update from Discover the Delta Foundation.

13. RECEIVE Status Update Presentation From Economic Sustainability Plan Phase II Consultant Team.

    14. DISCUSS the Delta Stewardship Council’s Delta Plan and Other Issues Related to the Delta Reform Act, SB X7-1, and Possible Actions by the Commission (Handout).

    15. RECEIVE Report From the Executive Director and Executive Committee, Including Informational Updates on Delta Stewardship Council and Delta Conservancy Activities, and Other Delta Initiatives and Commission Activities Underway (Handout) (Handout).

16. Comments and Announcements from Members of the Commission and Staff.