CA Coastal Cleanup Day PosterThe Delta Protection Commission had a GREAT 2014 Delta Waterway Cleanup!

WHAT IS The Delta Waterway Cleanup?

It's the Delta's part of California Coastal Cleanup Day - California's largest annual volunteer event which brings folks together at sites around the state to celebrate and share their appreciation of California's fabulous coast and waterways. California's event is likewise part of International Coastal Cleanup Day, sponsored by the Ocean Conservancy, which is the largest volunteer event on earth! People from all walks of life gather at the river's edge to help free our rivers, coastlines and beaches from ugly trash.

Our 2014 Cleanup was a BLAST. DPC sites boasted over 150 volunteers including eight kayaks and a canoe (fondly referred to as The Garbage Scow), and our teams cleaned up well over 1000 pounds of garbage and 79 tires! The oddest objects we found were 1) an air hockey table, 2) a LOT of barbed wire (behind a Safeway??) and the entire gray-water system from an RV or houseboat, pipes, connectors and all. Plan on joining us next year for a feel-good day that really makes a difference.

WHY ARE waterway cleanups important?

Trash travels via inland creeks and streams, wind, storm drains, and sewers. Debris that gets picked up from our waterways is debris that WON'T get swept out to sea where it harms our oceans and wildlife - not to mention Cleanup improves our beaches, parks and recreation sites.


Our 2014 Sites:

Yolo County - Clarksburg Boat Launch, Clarksburg.

Contra Costa County - Discovery Bay near Kellogg Creek.

San Joaquin County - Buckley Cove, Stockton.

Solano County - Sandy Beach Park, Rio Vista.

Sacramento County - Brannan Island.

Sacramento County - Lower Morrison Creek